Machining Center

Available in 4m/13ft single station and 7m/23ft 2 station

4 Axis CNC vertical machining center is designed for drilling, milling and copying

operations suitable for several materials:

  • aluminum profiles

  • steel profiles

  • PVC profiles (including steel reinforced PVC profiles)

  • various plastic materials


Cutting Center

CNC cutting center with 2 controlled axis is designed for cutting Aluminum and PVC profiles with maximum cutting speed and highest quality.

The machine performs the operation of profile loading from the bars stock, cutting and unloading of piece, in complete autonomy and without the assistance of the operator.


Double Head Cutting

Double head saws are used for cutting aluminum, PVC and light alloy profiles and include many available configurations from double compound miter down chop saws (330IP 403IP), single axis CNC saws, (500/D2K) and 3 axis CNC saws with large 600MM large capacity saw blade (600TSE).


Single Head Cutting Machine

Single head cutting machines are designed for cutting profiles made of PVC and/or aluminum and similar materials.

This Series is composed of various models each one different for cutting system and diameter blade, up to 650mm 2 axis CNC (CMPE65) These features, together with the solidity built-in structure, allow to carry out high precision cut on various profile dimensions.


Copy Routers and End Milling

Single head and double head copy router machines are designed for processing profiles made of PVC and/or aluminum and similar materials with speed and precision.

End Mills available in manual and semi-automatic from Light duty PVC to heavy duty aluminum.


Complementary Machine

Crimpers, drilling machines, racks, tables and profile dollies

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